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The e-Folio Learning Platform is currently used by many primary and secondary schools in Essex.

Learning Platforms include software products that support teaching and learning activities across the Internet.  They enable teachers to provide users with easy but controlled access to learning resources, from both inside and outside the school.  The Essex ICT Curriculum Team has developed an electronic portfolio known as e-Folio which pupils can take with them throughout their school life.  A key feature of the e-Folio is its strength in promoting continuity of independent learning. Potentially, an account stays with the learner from phase to phase, easing transfer problems and celebrating prior achievement as pupils move from primary to secondary school and beyond.

Our chosen Learning Platform provides true anytime anywhere access to a secure personal desktop which can be customised for each learner.  Each user has access to email, web space for personal files, e-learning resources, surveys and shared activities.


The children have now been given access to their virtual learning webpage.


To log on at home they need access to the internet and log onto www.manuden.e-folio.org.uk/mydesktop , a pop up window will appear and ask for user name and password. The children have been given these.


SEPTEMBER 2013 - News 

E-folio is to be superceded - the new version of the learning is called DB Primary and the login can be found here manuden.essex.dbprimary.com/essex/primary/manuden     


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